Ever since I was 6 years old, I always had this question on my mind: would I have been a different person if my name was something else? Would I carry myself differently, would my personality differ, would the opportunities I get, or the ways people make assumptions about me change if my name was not what it is now?​​​​​​​
     Circus of the Perceived Self focuses on the ways we try to comprehend the complicated subjects of self and identity. It is about our names: the very first bit of information we give out to people that have indications about our nationality, culture, religion, and even class. A name can simply affect our first impressions and the way we interact with people. A familiar name, a foreign name, an Islamic or Christian or Jewish name, a common name, or a unique and unheard name, or even a one that sounds beautiful to the ear or the ones that make us think what kind of a parent would pick such a name for their kids! they all play a role in our views of people. So my question is, what if we would have become a different person if we weren’t called what we are called now?!

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